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Mother holds baby on her hip while her young daughter runs ahead of her
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"The smallest moments hold the biggest magic . . . "

Minneapolis wedding & Portrait photographer

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Authentic, Joyful, & Free

I have two goals in mind when you step in front of my camera:

1.) Create beautiful photos (that's a given)
2.) Create a moment in your life where you walk away feeling a little more like the magical being of star dust and love that you are . . . The EXPERIENCE is just as important as the outcome.

I see the Universe in everything . . . in hair blowing across a face, in the way your eyes squint when you laugh, in a fistful of wildflowers, in the way he looks at you . . .

It's always there . . .
And it's never perfect . . .
But yet, it's always perfect.

I see it and I see you and I'll save it ALL for you to remember forever.


Little girl with glasses laughs and waves her arms out of a vintage VW bug window

Who are you?

The people who tend to come my way:

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff
  • Appreciate real moments vs planned ones
  • Aren’t afraid of an adventure and being silly
  • Embrace the imperfect
  • Are accepting of humans from all walks of life
  • And believe that how the outside world sees them isn’t what truly matters, but how they show up each day and embrace it – the connections they make, the small things that get overlooked, the quietly tender moments, and the genuine experiences  – THAT is living.


Life is beautiful, wild, challenging, thrilling, and fleeting  . . . I believe it is my life’s purpose to help people pause for a moment to enjoy the view and to honor the life they get to live.

Whoever you are, or whoever you want to be (you can do whatever you want), I gotchu. I adore the qualities and quirks that make us who we are and am passionate about showing up for my clients in a way that honors them to their core.


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Here at Audrey Nicole Photography we believe that Black, Indigenous, Trans, LGBTQ+ & disabled lives matter. Do all the other lives matter as well? Yes, of course they do. But NO one is free until we all are, and that is why we will always advocate for the less-represented & unfairly treated FIRST. As a white woman born in an area of the world that has afforded me many advantages, I promise to use my privilege to continue to help those who our system has failed as well as continue to educate myself on how to be an ally.