Woman in forest with sunbeams and wildflowers
Man kissing woman's shoulder in black and white
Woman cuddled into mans arms
Little girl twirling in living room
Groom kissing bride on cheek in old alleyway
Woman and man touching foreheads with sunbeams behind them
woman in front of blue door holding wildflowers bouquet
Family of five cuddling and kissing the family dog

Minneapolis Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Authentic | Joyful | Free


I've got two goals in mind when you step in front of my camera:

1.) Create great photos, cuz duh, and
2.) Create a moment or day in your life where you walk away feeling a little more like the magical being of star dust and love that you are.

I see the Universe in everything . . . in hair blowing across a face. In a shirt half untucked. In grass-stained knees. In the awkward laughter between a couple on their wedding day.

It's always there . . .
And it's never perfect . . .
And it's always beautiful.

I see it, and I see you, and I'll save it all for you to remember forever.

Bride and groom holding hands and standing in front of Weisman Art Museum

Your Day. Your way.

Who are you?

I very much believe you can have/be/do whatever you want in life. YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY. And the same principal applies to your wedding day . . . This is YOUR day, Queen, you can do it HOWEVA YOU WANT!

The people who tend to come my way know this and embrace it wholeheartedly. Your wedding day is a day to TRULY represent yourself and celebrate your love – it’s not just a show for your Mom, LOL. From your guest list, to the clothing you wear, to what dessert you serve (Hi, lemon pie please, kthanksbye) . . . all the details of your day should SCREAM your name.

Are you a romantic? Let’s frolic barefoot through wildflowers! Are you dramatic? Let’s catwalk through the city streets while strangers watch! Are you vintage? Let’s get our Gatsby on and vogue-out in a victorian mansion!

Whoever you are, or whoever you want to be (you can do whatever you want, remember), I gotchu. I adore the qualities and quirks that make us who we are and am passionate about showing up for my clients in a way that honors them to their core.



Honoring the magic in your everyday moments is my greatest joy . . .

Bride and groom on rooftop in downtown Minneapolis

From "I do's" . . .


. . . to "welcome homes."


From new beginnings . . .

Woman leading man through sunny field

. . . to long journeys . . . I will be there to honor your memories the way they deserve!

Minneapolis skyline from Hewing Hotel