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"The smallest moments hold the biggest magic . . . "

Minneapolis wedding & Portrait photographer

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Authentic, Joyful, & Free

I have two goals in mind when you step in front of my camera:

1.) Create beautiful photos (that's a given)
2.) Create a moment in your life where you walk away feeling a little more like the magical being of star dust and love that you are . . . The EXPERIENCE is just as important as the outcome.

I see the Universe in everything . . . in hair blowing across a face, in the way your eyes squint when you laugh, in a fistful of wildflowers, in the way he looks at you . . .

It's always there . . .
And it's never perfect . . .
But yet, it's always perfect.

I see it and I see you and I'll save it ALL for you to remember forever.


Little girl with glasses laughs and waves her arms out of a vintage VW bug window

Who are you?

The people who tend to come my way:

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff
  • Appreciate real moments vs planned ones
  • Aren’t afraid of an adventure and being silly
  • Embrace the imperfect
  • Are accepting of humans from all walks of life
  • And believe that how the outside world sees them isn’t what truly matters, but how they show up each day and embrace it – the connections they make, the small things that get overlooked, the quietly tender moments, and the genuine experiences  – THAT is living.


Life is beautiful, wild, challenging, thrilling, and fleeting  . . . I believe it is my life’s purpose to help people pause for a moment to enjoy the view and to honor the life they get to live.

Whoever you are, or whoever you want to be (you can do whatever you want), I gotchu. I adore the qualities and quirks that make us who we are and am passionate about showing up for my clients in a way that honors them to their core.


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All Are Welcomed Here. ❤️