Hi!! I’m so happy you’re here!! Before you hit submit, I have some valuable info that you’re likely seeking. 🙂

PRICING: Click this link to take a peek at my pricing and make sure I fit your budget:


AVAILABILITY: As of 9/8/21 I have TWO spots left for portrait sessions before December 2021. While my availability is limited, I would love to try and make something work for you!

LOCATION: I am located just south of Minneapolis, MINNESOTA. I felt it necessary to share this bit of info as I often receive inquiries looking for an Audrey Nicole Photo in Alabama, LOL. Please google her name to find her website! ;-p

And finally – It’s busy season! That means my email response times might be a little on the slow side. Please expect 3-4 business days before ya hear back from me, thank you!!!

Minneapolis, Minnesota + Surrounding areas