Frequently Asked Portrait & Wedding Questions

Portrait Session FAQS

• How long is a portrait session?

My full portrait sessions are anywhere from 45 minutes to 75 minutes because I've learned over the years that I can't box every session in to a set time frame! Depending on the dynamic of the family ( young children), the weather (Minnesota gives us all the extremes, plus mosquitoes ha), the location, the wardrobe, etc. we sometimes need a little less time and we sometimes need a little more time! This does NOT mean you get less or more photos, however. I am a speedy shooter but I will not end the session until I feel like I've gotten enough of what I need. Usually the longer time frame is for wardrobe changes, locations that require a lot of walking, or a child who had a meltdown and needs to take a breather. Also, if a session is naturally coming to an end around 45 minutes, meaning it went amazing and I got everything I needed, you truly will not WANT to push it any further because it might just send the kids over the edge, ha! I'll always ask you if there is anything else you'd like before we end.

• Can my pet come?

Short answer - heck yes! I have a few suggestions and requirements however, in order to keep everyone safe, the pet comfortable, and your session flowing as best possible. I absolutely love animals - I grew up with dogs and now am a shameless Cat Mom. And under normal circumstances animals love me back! However I have learned that sometimes while taking photos I can be deemed threatening or confusing to an animal. I'm a stranger, first of all. I'm entering the family dynamic with a commanding energy in order to control the session. I move around a lot and quickly and talk loudly. I sometimes get really close to the humans, and I'm carrying two giant black objects on a holster that I keep pointing at everyone . . . Ya dig? Haha! I've had dogs get real weirded out by my before, and for my own safety, the safety of anyone around us, and the comfort of the pet I ask everyone to PLEASE keep them leashed at all times regardless of how well trained they are. Consider buying a collar and leash that are neutral colors (not bright red or blue, something unassuming). ALSO - if you're able, I recommend bringing a 3rd party person along to be the handler in-between photos because it can be a lot to juggle!

• How much do I have to pay upfront?

For full portrait sessions I require $200 paid immediately upon booking to hold your date - your session date is not taken off my calendar until this is paid so don't hesitate on this one! The remaining balance is due 24 hours before your session. If the final payment is not made before your session I will still show up and take your photos, however editing will be put on hold until final payment is made. This may impact your gallery delivery date.

• When will my photos be done?

3 weeks from the date we took your photos! Sometimes, when life is slow and my maid is doing my laundry (ha!) I will get them done and delivered before the 3 weeks. More often than not, though, the email with the gallery info will be sent over on the due date. :-)

• Do you travel for portrait sessions?

I travel 60 miles round trip from my home in Lakeville for free, after that there is a $0.58 per mile fee (IRS standard mileage fee). For locations further than 1.5 hours there may be an additional travel fee tacked on, which will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

• What time of day is best for photos?

I stick as close to sunset or sunrise (if you're up for it) as possible. This is when the lighting is the best and I have the elements working in my favor to give you amazing photos. I know this won't always fit into everyone's schedule, and I am willing to be flexible if I'm able. Be aware that scheduling outside of these preferred times may impact the way your images look or it may limit how we utilize a location. High, bright sun will force us to stay in the shadows.

• What should I wear?

First and foremost wear something that is comfortable and that you feel like a total babe in - it will make or break a session. I do a lot of movement, play, walking through nature in my sessions so make sure and wear shoes that will accommodate all the above! If you're not able to comfortably walk or skip in your shoes they may hold us back from creating some of the fun images I'm known for. Along with comfy shoes, wear clothing that isn't too tight or restrictive. Practice wearing it around the house (make sure to dance around in it also!) to see if there are any potential malfunctions. Sit down, stand up, bend over, etc. I LOVE flowy fabrics, they can add a fun element to a session. As for colors, stick with neutrals and earth tones - brown, cream, rust, maroon, mustard yellow, olive green, gray, etc. These photograph beautifully and are timeless. Avoid fluorescents such as hot pink as they can do strange things to a photo (and reflect funky colors onto your skin). When coordinating with your family do NOT try and match identically. You'll all blend together in your photo and it can possibly look overwhelming. Instead choose one outfit/pattern that you love and build off of that - pull colors from it, have one person wear pants and the other shorts or a skirt, throw in another non-distracting pattern such as simple stripes, add an accessory such as a scarf or hat, etc. If you are ever stuck I LOVE helping with this so please send me photos and I can help direct you!

• What if there's bad weather?

The days leading up to your session I will be watching the weather closely. If there seems to be a rain potential I will reach out a day or two before to find a reschedule date. However, we won't confirm the reschedule until a few hours before your session as the weather can change so quickly. Aside from rain, if it's looking to be extremely hot or cold I will also reschedule - my cameras won't always work in extreme temps and you will be miserable. During winter if the driving conditions are dire I will also reschedule - please be respectful of my decision to postpone a session due to poor weather or unsafe driving conditions - it's beyond my control! I do not reschedule for cloudy days, windy days, or snow (unless it's a blizzard and driving is terrible).

• What if I have to reschedule?

Life happens and I totally get it! I allow for ONE free, non-weather related reschedule. After that a second retainer of $200 will be required to hold another date. Holding dates prevents me from booking any other work so it is income lost on my end, therefor I am only able to do offer one reschedule for free. Side note - I'm totally not a jerk so if something really intense happens (death in the family, illness) let me know and I may be able to waive that fee.

• I have some ideas of photos I'd like, can I share those with you?

Of course! I'm always open to hearing your ideas and seeing what you saved on Pinterest. And sometimes it helps me to know what your vision/dream session looks like. I'm up for recreating a couple ideas, but keep in mind too many copycats will mess with the natural flow and unique experience of your session so we won't want to spend a ton of time doing that. I get the BEST photos when we just roll with it, be silly, and let loose. :-)