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I am HUGELY passionate about helping other photographers along their journey. I’ve traveled this road for well over a decade now and I know all the fears, challenges, and wantingtoquitandjustbecomeanaccountant moments they will go through. If there’s anything I can do to help ease the pain and allow my mistakes to become gifts, I’m all for it. Because although creative entrepreneurship can at times leave you feeling gutted, the elation and reward you get from succeeding more than makes it worth it!

I want to help YOU – you, who knows you have it in you but feel stuck and overwhelmed. You, who isn’t sure where to start or what to do next to make your dreams come to life. You, who sees so much beauty in the world but struggles to make it connect to the photos you take. You, who sees other people living a life you desire and are realizing that hey, maybe I can have this life, too . . . I’ve been there, ohhh how I’ve been there, and I promise you are not alone!!

Below are several options to help you along this journey – YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS ALONE! Give yourself the gift of support, you are deserving, you are capable, and as one of my favorite quotes goes, “The world is thirsty for your gifts.” We are ready for you, the world needs you.


$99, or 2 consecutive hours for $175

  • 1 hour video chat
  • Q&A style covering anything you want to cover about photography
  • Great for folks who feel scattered and unsure of exactly what to do next, OR
  • Great for folks who have a very specific thing they’d like to cover more in depth
Woman and man touching foreheads with sunbeams behind them


Wedding timeline planning & prep – $75 for 30 mins, $99 for 60 mins

    • A solid timeline is crucial to having a wedding day go smoothly! I’ll help you create a timeline that works for your couple, build the family shot list, plus give you every single tip and trick I have for each portion of the day. Once you know the ins and outs you’ll be able to feel confident creating your own timelines going forward.

Editing tutorials – 30 minutes each – $75

    • General editing
    • Face swaps
    • Skin retouching
    • And more!

Editing – Priced per job

    • Full sessions
    • Retouching 
    • Single photos

*Shadowing paused due to Covid*

Twin 10 year old girls walking on a fallen log



Follow along at a real life portrait session to get hands on experience that you simply can’t learn from a Youtube video! ;-p


    • 1 hour pre-session video chat where I go over my entire process, start to finish, for handling a portrait session. See my email responses, my guidebook, how I prep a client for their session, and more!
    • 1 hour portrait session of your choosing (family, maternity, engagement, etc). During this session you will be allowed to ask as many questions as you want, try new things, see how I work with clients, etc. This is a learning opportunity for YOU and there is no pressure to be anything but yourself!
    • 1 hour follow up video chat to discuss the session, questions, what you learned, how to edit, etc.
    • Images you can use for your portfolio/social media/website/etc.
Bride and groom frolicking through a sunset flower field



This is a unique opportunity for you to follow along at a wedding as a 3rd shooter! For folks who have no wedding experience it may be hard to find an opportunity to 2nd shoot – 2nd shooting is a huge responsibility! A 3rd shooter plays a similar role, minus the pressure to perform or know things – sweet! You will be an observer for most of the day with the opportunity to see how a wedding operates behind the scenes and capture beautiful photos for your portfolio. Not only is this an incredible learning opportunity, it’s FUN (I’m low key jealous of you, haha!)! You’ll get to enjoy all the fun parts of the wedding day without any pressure to do anything but learn. What a gift you are giving yourself!!


    • 1 hour pre-wedding video chat where I divulge all my secrets – how to communicate with a client, my process, how to create a timeline, my wedding guidebook, and more!
    • Tag along as a 3rd shooter for a real life wedding
    • 1 hour post-wedding video chat to go over ALL THE THINGS
    • Images you can use for your portfolio/social media/website/etc.

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