• What's Included

- All sessions include an online, password protected gallery delivered within 3 weeks of your session date.

- I include all photo files that make "the cut," edited and high-resolution for best printing (around 50-100 fabulous photos!)

- Photos may be downloaded and used for personal prints and sharing online (with a shoutout to Audrey Nicole Photography, of course!)

- I do full edits on every photo, and light retouching on things like skin, stray hairs, distractions, etc. I am open to more extensive editing, however an additional fee *may* apply depending on the request! It never hurts to ask and one bonus of choosing me as your photog is my sweet Photoshop skills.

• Extra Charges

- Portrait sessions include up to 6 people, a $25 per person sitting fee is applied for each person after 6 (more peeps = more photos!). For newborn sessions only immediate family (parents and siblings, or if your family has a different dynamic let me know and we'll figure it out! ) are allowed and no sitting fee applies.

- Travel is free for the first 20 miles round trip from my home in Lakeville, after that a $0.58 per mile fee applies.

- Some locations require a permit, which is an additional fee (varies per location). I will do ALL the work and research beforehand to determine whether or not a permit is required, and at that time we can decide if we want to go ahead with that location or choose a different, fee-free spot!

Little girl with arms around parents while they kiss her cheeks


Family, engagements, seniors, maternity, pets, boudoir . . . Anything I missed? Please ask!

- Around 1 hour of shooting time
- Online gallery of all final images
- 50 + images on average
- Personal print release


Do you remember . . . ?

Do you remember the last time you spent a full hour, completely unplugged, immersed in the company of the people (or animals, or self)  you live and breathe for, thinking of nothing else but what was happening right in that moment . . . ? Exploring, letting go, not checking your phone, running, playing, dancing, laughing, looking closely at the veins in a leaf, collecting acorns and flowers, watching the sunset . . . ?

It’s been a while, huh.

That right there is the approach I take during my portrait sessions, and I cannot tell you, seriously, how many times at the end of a shoot I’ve had someone say, “That was fun!!!” It’s JUST as important to me that you enjoy the experience of your session as you do the photos.

Consider this not just an investment in photos, but an investment in self-care. Whatever you’re here for – family photos, celebrating your relationship, wanting to capture the bond you have with your dog, etc. – YOU DESERVE IT. You deserve a moment of purity and now-ness, and you deserve to have that memory to look back on.