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Weddings come in so many shapes and sizes, which is why I wanted to make space for the unique needs of each couple who comes my way! Whether you’re wanting a 3 hour courthouse wedding or a PARTY with 200 guests and a disco ball, you DESERVE to have beautiful photos that will honor it forever.

Your flowers will fade. Your dress will get stored away. Life will move on . . . But the photos? Your grandkids will have them hanging in their living room . . .

And THAT matters.

I am the one vendor who you will spend the most time with on your wedding day. I will be there for all the big moments, for your most emotional feels, and for your quiet little hand touches. You want to make SURE the photographer you choose is someone who will help you prepare for the day, ease your nerves, keep the day moving, and who you will enjoy being around – all while creating photographs that honor how magical it really was.

If you haven’t yet, take a moment to read through the “About Audrey” section, or head over to my Instagram account to get to know me a little better and make sure I am the best fit for you!


  • Elopement – Starts @ $700
  • Micro Wedding – Starts @ $1,800
  • Full Day Coverage – Starts @ $4,200

Contact me and we will schedule a time to chat & come up with an accurate quote together based off your unique wedding vision. See below for a list of commonly asked questions & answers.

Minneapolis wedding photographer

"Audrey is a stunning photographer with infectious enthusiasm and amazing professionalism. More than that, she is an absolute pleasure to spend time with. She made both my husband and I, who can both be a bit camera shy, incredibly comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. The photos from my wedding are some of the most gorgeous photos I've ever seen; she captures mood and emotion like a cinematographer. She has become a friend I want to keep in my life forever, she added so much joy to our wedding day and captured the most beautiful memories for us to cherish forever."


"The way you capture raw, unposed beauty is absolutely breathtaking. THIS is why we chose you for our wedding. For those moments I didn't even know were happening, those details I thought no one noticed. Your soul shows through and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank YOU for being a person first, and photographer second. For caring."


• How much do we pay upfront?

A $1,000 retainer is due at the time of booking to hold your date, the remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your wedding date.

• How many photos will we get?

On average I deliver around 100-130 images per hour of photography. Since all events are different there is no set number guarantee!

• Do we need a second photographer?

This totally depends on how your day is designed and something I will guide you on. I will never suggest adding a second shooter if it's not needed, and I will always require one if I need it to meet your expectations. Things that impact this decision - How many locations you're at, how many people are in your wedding party & family photos, if you're doing a first look, and how many guests you've invited.

• Do we need engagement photos?

Engagement photos are an optional add-on, but one I highly recommend! Consider this a practice run for your wedding day - we get to know each other better, you'll learn how I operate and how to work it in front of the camera, plus it's FUN and you end up with some really gorgeous and playful photos!

• How do you secure our images so they are safe post-wedding?

On your wedding day I will be using cameras that have dual memory card slots - this way your images are copied TWICE to two different memory cards throughout the day. Then when I get home, the very first thing I do (after swinging through the late night Taco Bell drive-through) is upload your photos to my backup system. They will live on my computer, an external hard-drive, my cloud storage, AND I will not clear the memory cards until after you have received your images. Essentially they are backed up FIVE times until you have received all your images, because I am extra A.F. and keeping your photos safe is a big deal. :-)

• What happens if you get sick or injured before our wedding day?

Life is unpredictable and I am not so foolish to think the unforeseen can't happen. But, after decades of being plugged into the local photography industry I have a multitude of equally talented and brilliant photographers I would call on to stand in my place on your wedding day. They would be there with you taking the photos, and then I would edit them to give you an end result just like we had originally planned. In no way would your experience or end product be harmed! If this were to happen, you would immediately be informed by me and I will take care of any planning needed to get things in place.

• Do you have back-up gear?

ABSOLUTELY. I always work with 2 cameras and keep a third on standby, I have multiple lenses, a handful of batteries fully charged for the day, 2 flashes, and more memory cards than I could ever count! Gear malfunction will NEVER be an issue on your wedding day!

• Do we get printing rights?

Of course!! I will go through and choose the best images to edit and deliver to you. From there, you can download the high-resolution files to keep, share online, and get prints made. I have a beautiful gallery store you can purchase prints through, OR you can order elsewhere through a 3rd party.

• Do you help create a timeline?

HECK YES. Not only do I help, but it is required that I am hands on in designing the timeline in order to make sure I meet your expectations. This is something we will chat about at the very beginning and continue to nail down until we have a clear, smooth sailing timeline in place! I will send you a questionnaire after booking which will help me create a timeline that works best for your day. Having been behind the scenes of many weddings I know exactly how to plan out your day so that we check off all the boxes plus leave plenty of time for just enjoying it all.

• How would you describe your photo-style?

I love this question. 😍 I think there are two answers here - how I capture the photos and how I edit them. When it comes to taking the photos, I am all about authenticity - my mission with my photography is to show people how absolutely MAGIC the real moments in life can be. There is no need to fake it in front of my camera because life is frickin' gorgeous as-is! It's important to me that you feel comfortable and safe while I'm taking your photos and NOT awkward or insecure. I prefer to let life unfold and capture true candids, but if you need a little help getting out of your shell I have plenty of ways to make that happen (and it's a LOT of fun)! As far as my editing style goes, I lean towards a timeless, romantic, and cinematic vibe. When you look at my photos I want you to be unsure of what era in life they were taken, guaranteeing they'll never look cheesy hanging on your walls decades from now.