For most people who come before my camera, having their photo professionally taken is not a normal, everyday occurrence. And with getting your photos taken there can be a certain level of uncomfortableness – TRUST me, I understand this! I get instantly twice as awkward as I already am (which lets be honest, that’s pretty dang awkward) when I’m in FRONT of a camera as when I’m behind it. I do my absolute best to make anyone who steps in front of me to be photographed feel comfortable and at ease, and I pull out all my tricks (or sometimes I just trip over things) to bring out the joy that is in all of us!

That being said – with these two? I had to do NONE of that. THEY brought the fire, the energy, the emotion, the joy, the passion, and the love allllll on their own, and ooh-boy it was GOOD! And to make matters worse (for them) there wasn’t just one photographer pointing their lens at them that day but about 10! This was part of an all day wedding workshop, put on last August by the fabulous Jaimie of Jaimie Lauren Photography in the beautiful and picturesque town of Stillwater, MN. It was a day of learning, brainstorming, networking and shooting for about 10 fabulous and bad-ass women photographers. So for Katrin and Erik to uphold that level of fire and emotion in their photos while we all ogled over them and bossed them around for hours is just a total testament to the true love these two have for each other.

A big thank you to all the fabulous vendors who helped make this day possible! To Jaimie of Jamie Lauren Photography for orchestrating it (and providing us donuts), and of course to Katrin and Erik for being so incredibly fabulous the entire time. And Erik – I hope you were able to eat as much Chipotle as your heart desired when all was said and done. 😉

music by: The Civil Wars: “My Father’s Father”

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