When Erika and Justin told me it was the fact I mentioned “taking shots of Fireball” in my welcome guide that sealed the deal for them, I just knew we were going to get along swimmingly! To no surprise of mine we had an absolute blast at their engagement session down by the docks of Excelsior Bay on Lake Minnetonka. Along with the lake life, ice cream is also a staple in these two’s world (or maybe just Erika’s, hehe ), so we of course had to make a stop at Tommy’s Tonka Trolley while we were at it!


These two affirmed a couple things for me – One, being true to your weird ole self will attract just the right people into your life. And two, life is SO much more enjoyable when you’re having fun. This is your permission to lighten up and eat some ice cream, take a swig of Fireball on a weekday, and dance around barefoot in the sunset!

Can’t wait for more adorable laughs and good times this October when I photograph the Burke’s on their wedding day at The Mill City Museum!


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