mother, sister, artist, stardust & energy . . .

Hey, I'm Audrey!

I graduated in 2009 with my BFA in photography after being formally trained and educated at the Art Institute - Minneapolis. I've spent the last decade raising a strong daughter, building a rockin' photo business, trying to remember where I put my keys, not folding the laundry, and driving with the windows down. If I've learned anything in my 34 years of life it's that none of us know what we're doing and it's TOTALLY fine.

Super important stuffs you should know about me:
-I think buttered toast is the most comforting food and smell in the whole entire Universe
-I love Grandpas
-I drink coffee all day long and it's fine
-I don't kill spiders
-I remember life before cell phones

Anything I missed? Follow me on IG to get to know me better or contact me to schedule a session! I would love to hear from you!