Engagement Photos - Tips & Tricks

Engagement photos are truly some of my most favorite photos to take, and I think it boils down to just how laid back and FUN the sessions can be! First of all, grown ups only (no kids) tends to make everything a little more fun, LOL. Second, you get to hang out (and make-out) with your favorite person. Third, I take a really fun, laid back, playful approach with my sessions and it’s just not that often that us grown ups get to have that kind of experience! SO, get ready to unplug, unwind, and have some fun – all while I capture awesome photos of you and your boo.


Since most of us don’t get our photos taken on a regular bases, and because you may not have ever had your photos taken by ME, below I’ll give you all my best tips and trick to help you feel like you know what’s to come. But the #1 piece of advice I can give you is to let loose a bit and have FUN!


• Leave the stress at home!

This is my # 1 BEST piece of advice: Don't. Stress. I know I know - it's much easier said than done, but we are just taking photos! It's NOT supposed to be stressful. Do your absolute best to not get overwhelmed, not get irritated with your partner (LOL), and not overthink any of it. Your job is to get yourself photo ready and show up joyful, I'll take care of the rest!

• Have a drink!

Yep, that's right! If alcohol is something you include in your life and you feel like it - have a drink or two before your session! Just don't overdo it, being sloshed in your photos is not something I can Photoshop out, ha! And of course safety is uber important so plan your driving accordingly.


Everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to PDA, I for one am completely unbothered by it but I will check in with you prior to starting to see what you're up for! Just remember, this is a session to celebrate your love and connection between the two of you is a beautiful thing.

• Let loose and have fun!

Engagement sessions can be super fun - it's not often we get to fully unplug and act playful with the person we love the most! The more you lean into that and just let loose a bit the more enjoyable the experience will be AND the better the photos will turn out!

• Poor Weather

I'll reschedule the session if it's 20 degrees or below, unsafe driving conditions, pouring rain, and in some cases extreme heat (summers are hot so I only do this in super dire situations). Outside of that it's game on! Just a friendly reminder - I don't control the weather, even though I wish I could. But I know from experience that those conditions are just unfit, and sometimes unsafe & impossible, for us to hold a session in. If it's raining lightly and you're up for it, we can totally roll with it and have fun in the rain!

• What to wear

Scroll on down to see all my best advice for outfits!

What to wear

• 2 outfits

Most couples opt for 2 outfits - one more dressy and one more casual! This allows for some variety in your photos, plus a way to show a couple different sides of you. I'd suggest starting with the more dressy outfit, and then changing into the more casual one.

• Coordinate but don't match!

Coordinating is key so you don't clash, but you don't want to be matchy matchy (it can be distracting). Pick a few colors to stick to and mix and match the shades. Feel free to throw a pattern in as well - stripes, floral, paisley, etc. And then spruce it up with accessories - jewelry, a hat, belt, scarf - the options are endless!

• Shoes

I tend to use a lot of movement during my sessions, so wearing footwear that you can easily and comfortably move around in is super important. Consider what environment we'll be in for your session - if it's a field, you don't want to show up in heels! If you're using a new pair of shoes, wear them around to get used to them prior to your photos. Also your shoes will show in photos at times so choose something that matches your outfit!

• Dress for the weather

Nothing is more miserable than being under or over dressed for the elements, and our goal here is to NOT be miserable! If it's cold, dress accordingly - mittens and hats and boots can be adorable, more adorable than blue frozen appendages. Likewise if it's warm out, being hot and sweaty is NOT fun so don't show up in long sleeves.

• Be YOU!

Don't try and dress like anyone but YOU, because that is who we are celebrating! When you feel like yourself you'll feel more comfortable, and that equates to better photos. When you look back on your photos years from now you'll want to see who you were in that moment, and my biggest wish is that it will always make you smile!

• Try something new!

On the flip side, this might be a fun time to try something new with your wardrobe! I think we often dress in a way we feel others would find acceptable, when secretly we'd love to branch out a bit. Don't be afraid to try something new, just make sure you feel good and LIKE the way you look.

• Test it out

Some time prior to your session you should wear your outfit around for a while - sit in it, bend in it, move this way and that way in it, and see if there are any potential malfunctions you can deal with. It SUCKS to figure this out during your session, so definitely don't skip this step!

• Let me help

I LOVE helping my clients figure out what to wear, and sometimes it's helpful for me to see a preview in advance as well. So please feel free to reach out to me for my thoughts, send photos my way, etc.! I can give you my experienced opinion on what is working, and guide you in a direction if we need to make a few tweaks.