Narrative Sessions

A Narrative Session is a documentary-style photo session with just a few "posed" photos sprinkled in. The best thing about a Narrative session is there is no pressure to perform or live up to some expectation. It is 95% candid and storytelling, which means there is very little pressure on YOU because the creation of the photos is left largely up to me. All you have to do is show up and engage with one another and I take care of all the rest. :-)

The goal of the Narrative session is to capture you & your people in a beautiful way without the stress of having to perform or be someone you're not.

To take that one step further, MY deeper mission is to remind you to slow down and witness how beautiful the simple moments are . . . how beautiful YOU are, exactly as you are.

When I say "beautiful" I'm not talking about the way your hair is styled, how good your body looks in your clothes, how perfectly happy your kids are, and what everyone on social media will think . . . I'm talking about the things in life you'll look back on when you're 95 years old and think to yourself, "Ahh, it was so beautiful."

The beauty you see in my photos wasn't created, it was found. It already exists, and together we'll create space for YOUR unique and magical beauty to shine through.

What To Expect

Because of the candid & storytelling nature of these sessions, it can sometimes work best to have something "to do" during it. Prior to your session we will come up with an activity that makes sense for your family. It can be as simple as exploring your yard to something more in depth, like going to the roller rink.

I will arrive about 15 minutes early to say hello, scope the location out and get my creative wheels turning. It usually works best to start with a few "posed" photos to get those done and free up the rest of the time for the documentary piece. I have a standard list in my head of typical posed photos, however these are for YOU so my only agenda is to give you what you need. If you'd like to skip or add-in a pose, the answer is YES.

The unposed portion of your session will be the majority of our time together and where the most magic happens. We'll spend a lot time just hanging out, going slow, playing, etc. I'll guide you along the way as needed, but I'll also spend a lot of time being quiet and observing. The more you can ignore me, the better!

After your session I'll shoot you a reminder email of when the gallery is due (4 weeks). When the gallery is ready I'll send that over with instructions on how to navigate it all. I'm available to you anytime afterwards for help with ordering or editing requests!

What to Wear


• Time of day - Outdoors

Outdoor portrait sessions will be scheduled as close to sunrise or sunset as possible (this Is called the "Golden Hour"). On sunny days the couple hours after or leading up to the sunset/rise are when the light Is PRIME for photo taking! Photo sessions midday on a sunny day can present a number of obstacles for me (shadows, squinty eyes, colors are off, etc.). Overcast days have more flexibility, but since we can't predict what the weather will be ahead of time I always aim for that golden hour time frame. I know this can at times cut it close to bedtimes, so consider scheduling your session in the spring, fall or winter to get an earlier sunset! However, often times kids are so distracted and having fun they don't even realize it's close to bedtime until we're done.

• Time of day - Indoors

For indoor sessions we actually DON'T need to worry about the golden hour - later In the morning or afternoon will work great, and sometimes better as Indoors has less light and we will want that later-in-the-day sunlight advantage!

• Location fees

Some locations require a fee be paid in order for us to take photos there. Certain parks and nature reserves require a permit be purchased, studios have rental fees, and privately owned locations may also have a fee. I will let you know in advanced so you can decide If It's worth the extra cost or not! If a location requires a fee it is not something we can try to avoid - getting caught may mean a ticket and a fine for my business, plus it would end your session and I'm just not willing to risk that! I do have a couple annual permits for some of my favorite parks, so those are available at no extra cost to you. Any other location fees will be your responsibility to pay!

• Poor weather

The weather is something we cannot control or predict, so the days leading up to your session I will be keeping my eye on the weather and if things looks sketchy I'll reach out to you to discuss a backup plan! Since the weather can change so quickly, I prefer to wait until as close to your scheduled time as possible to make that decision. Winter sessions will be rescheduled if temps are below 30 degrees (windchill included) or if driving conditions are unsafe. In the warmer seasons we will reschedule if it rains, there is lightening, or temps are above 90 degrees.