In-home Newborn Sessions

I believe firmly in celebrating life's small moments right along-side life's most momentous moments, and lifestyle newborn photos are a beautiful combination of both!

There are a variety of styles when it comes to newborn photography, from turning your baby into a ladybug, to pristinely wrapped and posed in a basket, to where I fall as a documentary photographer - No one way is right or wrong, it's simply a matter of what you want in the end.

A newborn session with me will take place in your safest, most comfortable space - HOME. No need to pack anything up, put shoes on, and leave the house. Everything you need is right on hand . . . Your coffee can be warmed up at any time, hair and makeup touched up as needed, if you get hungry a snack is hiding in the cupboard, and wardrobe malfunctions can be handled in a matter of minutes. On top of that, we will be documenting a once-in-a-lifetime moment in your life AS WELL AS the environment you lived in. I know it may not seem like a big deal now, but think ahead for a minute . . . seeing your home 30 years from now documented in this way is a gift most people don't realize they needed until it's too late. The nostalgia will be through the roof!

One last note - there are many talented photographers who do a beautiful job creating those flawless newborn photos you see where baby is perfectly wrapped, a backdrop and lighting is used, and their skin is edited like porcelain . . . THIS IS NOT ME. If these are the images you're wanting you will want to find a photographer whose style fits as I will not be able to create photos like this for you! But if raw, emotional, snuggly photos are what you're wanting then I'm your girl. :-)


• What if I don't have a big or "nice" house?

IT DOESN'T MATTER I have taken newborn photos anywhere from a field to a 2 bedroom apartment to a fancy studio to a million dollar mansion and they were ALL beautiful! All I really need is natural light, so if your home has windows we'll be just fine. I know how to utilize a space to create beautiful photos, and I love the challenge of making an unassuming space look amazing. Also - nothing can compare to having your HOME as the backdrop for photos. It adds such a special element and personal essence to your photos. The purpose is not to look a certain way, the purpose is to capture the way things feel and moments you want to remember.

• Can I rent a studio instead?

Absolutely! If you are super adamant about not wanting to use your home, renting a studio space is always an option. There are a ton of really beautiful studio spaces in the Twin Cities area, and many are furnished to accommodate a lifestyle newborn session. Studio fees vary, but most range from $75-$150 an hour and have a 2 hour minimum. If this is the route you'd like to go I can give you a list of suggestions and once we decide I will reach out to secure the space. The fee will be added to your invoice for you to pay upon booking.

• How do I get my home ready for photos?

Shove everything into a closet and close the door! LOL! But seriously - I know life with a new baby can be a LOT, I would never expect you to stress yourself out trying to prep for photos. While every home is different based on lighting, the spaces we typically use are the living room, the nursery, and the master bedroom. If you can have at least these spaces picked up that would be great! And nobody will EVER know if you shoved everything under the bed. A good rule of thumb is to remember that whatever is sitting out has a potential to end up in the photo, so if you don't want it in the picture tuck it away.

• How do I get my baby ready for photos?

Plan to feed your baby right before I arrive so that their belly is full and they are content. Before feeding, have them in the outfit they will be starting off with so that you don't have to disturb them after with a wardrobe change. Keep a burp cloth or bib covering them until we are ready to start to avoid any spit-up getting on their clothes. Babies also hate to be cold so keep that in mind - you may need to turn the heat up a bit or close off anything drafty to prep for the session. And finally, take a warm cloth and wipe off baby's face to remove any crusties or leftover milk.

• What should my baby wear?

I have more tips on what to wear below, but for baby specifically think "Less is more." Babies do NOT like to be fussed with, they just want to be comfortable. Plan for them to be in one, maybe two outfits total and something that is soft, simple, and looks like baby clothes (I don't recommend jeans!). Any more changes than that and we run the risk of really pissing them off, ha.

• Do you use props?

No! My approach is simple and more documentary style, which means I don't add in anything that isn't already there. If there are certain things YOU would like to incorporate into your photos then you can absolutely have those on hand! Some people have sentimental things like a quilt, stuffed animal, hand-knitted shoes, etc. they'd like to include. Telling me in advance your intentions and ideas will help me prep so that day-of I can be prepared to create great photos.

What to Wear

The session

I will arrive at your home around 15 minutes early to scope things out and get a plan! Once I get there I'll walk through your home, paying attention to the light and scoping out where our best spots for photos will be. I will also turn off most, if not all, of the lamps or overhead lights you have - I prefer to use mostly natural light as artificial light can cause strange coloring and shadows.

With newborn sessions we will follow the lead of the baby. If they are content and sleepy right away we will do photos of JUST baby, if they are alert and wanting to be held we will do family photos. While I do always snap some posed, smiling at the camera photos, the vast majority of the images will be taken like I'm a fly on the wall. This means you will be ignoring me for a good part of the session, and instead focusing on your baby and family members.

At times I will gently guide the scene or make suggestions, but you're free to just be yourself and do whatever feels right - kiss your baby whenever you want, hold them how they like to be held, take breaks to feed them and tend to their needs, and just enjoy this cozy hour of unplugged family time.